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Computer Hardware


Christopher Brooks-Prenger
Access code required


Here is the class outline:

1. A1 PC External Connections

2. A2 PC Hardware

3. A3 PC Assembly

4. A4 PC Specifications

5. A5 PC Reflection

6. B1 Set up a Linux workstation

7. B2 Make a Peer to Peer Network

8. B3 Make a Web Server

9. B4 HTML Basics

10. B5 OS and Networking reflection

11. P1 Introduction to Programming

12. P2 Programming If Else

13. P3 Programming Loops

14. P4 Programming Reflection

15. M1 Microcontrollers, Digital i/o

16. M2 Microcontrollers, Analog i/o

17. M3 Microcontrollers, Motors

18. M4 Microcontrollers, Reflection

19. E1 Electronics Basics

20. E2 Electronics Components

21. E3 Logic Gates

22. E4 Putting Logic to Work

23. E5 Build an LED Flasher

24. E6 Electronics Reflection

25. S1 Soldering Safety

26. S2 Drill Press Safety

27. S3 Multimeters part1, V and R

28. S4 Multimeters part 2 - I

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